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About Us

  1. Active India is the upcoming business of E- commerce.
  2. We are engage in trading business of Home appliances, Kitchen Appliances, secondary FMCG, Electronic, electric, furniture, personal care, health and fitness and other products.
  3. We are doing business via direct selling, networking business method.
  4. We are having good team of networker and advisers who are engaging in selling and developing our project.

Our Objectives:-

  1. Make your dream home on affordable prices.
  2. Make you financially and physically healthy.
  3. Give you a great and easier opportunity of earning.
  4. Provide you Quality and unique products in fewer prices.


We provide you with fast and free delivery regardless of the product size and value.


We are committed to increase the safety and security of your payments.

100% money back guarantee

We offer 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment.