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Business Plan

1. How to start business

2. Income

You can earn different type of income with actively working with us.

3. Income With Designation Table

4. Terms and Conditions

  • Deduction :-
  • 5% TDS
  • 5% Admin Fee
  • 10% for Repurchase
  • 10% of Your Income you have to maintain in your wallet to be an active distributor.
  • Growth Income only get by those distributor who are taking health or anti radiation package as distributor package.
  • Closing for direct income is on daily basis and rest are on monthly basis.
  • You are not eligible get any scheme on distributor package.


We provide you with fast and free delivery regardless of the product size and value.


We are committed to increase the safety and security of your payments.

100% money back guarantee

We offer 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment.